February 14, 2003

My Girlfriend’s Wicked Smart

I went to watch Tabitha present her work from her second rotation to her entire first year class tonight. It fun to watch her blast through all the work she’d done compressed down into one 30 minute presentation. Especially with the understanding of the pressure all the presenters are under to deliver technically flawless presentations both in terms of data and also illustrative and verbal quality. Tufte would’ve been proud.

In any case, Tabitha did a phenomenal job and ate more than half of my french fries at the post-presentation celebratory meal. No grudges will be held.

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Scott Yager

Wicked? What is this, Boston?

Walt Dickinson

I was going for a sort of “Good Will Hunting” vibe with that one.

Derek Gomez


Rachelle Bowden

walt, are you taking your wicked smart girlfriend out for valentines day?

Walt Dickinson

We’re sort of taking each other out.

Rachelle Bowden

oh, so jealous! i want to see that show.. you have to let me know how it is!