February 7, 2003

Surfers Wanted

David Hyatt is conducting an experiment. Annoyed by visitors blathering away at him through his weblog about feature requests, release dates and other Safari-related hoo-ha, David politely asked everyone to shut up. Fair enough. The blathering went way up. Clearly some reverse psychology was required.

Now he’s asking for feedback. The blathering has exploded. I’ve never seen so many comments in such a short period of time. Over 200 already tonight. So if you want something changed in the way Safari works, go let him know. Get it out of your system. This is your chance. Then, please, everybody shut up until Safari 1.0 comes out.

[Later: Due to bandwidth concerns, the experiment ended, with over 750 comments in about 14 hours. Amazing.]

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Rachelle Bowden

at first i thought that said david myatt

Walt Dickinson

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make that mistake.

Jessyca Wallace

So, who’s David Myatt?

Rachelle Bowden

david myatt is a guy we used to work closely with in the san diego office.. he’s creative director in the sf office now, right, walt? man, i havent seen him for…. for as long as i’ve not seen you, walt! soon.. next month.. soon!

Jessyca Wallace

I figured it’d be something like that, but I was afraid it was another big Techie person I was supposed to know about. It seems I don’t know about so many of them…