February 2, 2003

The Quake Feed

I’ve got a feed set up now which syndicates the latest quake information for California and Nevada. It pulls the data from the USGS website and is up-to-date within half an hour. (It would be easy to make it even more timely but I didn’t want it to hit the USGS website more than 48 times a day. The Moby feed works similarly.) I updated the RSS page a bit also.

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Rachelle Bowden

dude, i couldnt get that moby feed to work… that was the other thing i was going to ask you the other day when we were IMing about RSS stuff..

Walt Dickinson

Hm. I haven’t had any trouble with it. Let me know if it keeps giving you trouble.

Derek Gomez

Awesome feed. How come the USGS can’t get something up like this? You should sell them the code.

Walt Dickinson

Thanks. I suspect RSS will really bloom as more diverse information sources make use of it. For now it’s still like the early days of the web. Few people using it, tools still coming of age.