February 6, 2003


We slapped together a simple Trackback implementation this evening. It was easier than I expected. It’s not perfect and there may be a number of bugs but it should be functional. I’m curious to see whether any of the bloggers who comment on this site and run Trackback-enabled blogs will use it.


[Later: There was a trackback ping, but no data. Weird. A bug? Perhaps. Let me know.]

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Derek Gomez

Just pinged. I know it’s unrelated… but I’m just testing.

Walt Dickinson

Looks like it worked. Thanks Derek.

Brian Poulsen

you mention ping .. Now how the hell does that work?

Walt Dickinson

Trackback pings are a way to create a link between a blog entry on one weblog and a blog entry on another. Think of it as commenting on someone’s blog, in your own blog. And checkout Movable Type’s definition.