March 11, 2003

Find The Geek

I am simultaneously pleased and embarrassed to have taken up quasi-permanent residence in the offices of Panic Inc. Try and spot me.

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Mori Dinauer

13th up from the bottom, 4th over from the left.


Walt Dickinson

Hehe… bravo.

Rachelle Bowden

that’s a good photo of you!

Jessyca Wallace

Geez, Walt, you really HAVE lost a lot of weight! You look great! Sniff…it makes me realize how long it’s been since I’ve seen you guys…we’re just gonna have to do something about that…

Reed Dickinson

I couldn’t find you. All the computer guys look alike. Just kidding … you’re the prettiest.

Mark Shewmaker

GEEK! GEEK! Hurry up and stomp him before he crawls back under his rock!

Clayton Simmons

Walt! What happened to your big HAIR? No, j/k…you look really good. But I still haven’t heard a reply re: the big hair pictures from Montgomery days. I’ve been faithfully checking the photo albums…