March 23, 2003

Oscar Shmoscar

I decided I couldn’t be bothered to watch the Oscars this year and decided instead to check out Donnie Darko, the little cult favorite that seems to have been making the rounds recently. There were a few aspects I thought didn’t work but they were mostly lost between all the excellent performances, bizarre plot evolutions, and fantastic dialogue. More films should push to be so edgy and stupid as Donnie Darko.

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Sean Peisert

The Oscars were fun. Steve Martin was great…

Rachelle Bowden

The Pianist had some surprise wins… and I think that everyone will be talking about Adrian Brody’s surprise kiss for Halle Berry, Michael Moore’s rant about the ficticious war and ficticious president, and how huge Catherine Zeta-Jones was.

Nani Dickinson

DUDE! Catherine zeta-jones is pregnant people!!! She totally deserved her oscar. The “move on” performance kicked ass. Chicago swept the oscars this year, and it is GRAND! How could it not win best picture, just watch it. Every shot is a work of art. Also on a side note, in my IB film showcase, my group’s film won best film and best music. Sadly it didn’t win best editing (which was my job), but that doesn’t matter cause we won BEST FILM!

Walt Dickinson

Nice work Nani! We seriously need to get in touch at some point about establishing some digital distribution for these films.

Nick Runco

did someone say digital distribution of films?

Walt Dickinson

Yes. We also call them movies. Think about that word for a few moments. How antiquated is it to think of them as “movies”? Talkies, movies, motion pictures, films, whatever. Deal. =-)

Nick Runco

so much tension around here - i was merely suggesting my interest in the matter, proferring my wisdom for those looking to learn about such things.

Walt Dickinson

That’s right. Just watch yourself there laddy. =-)