March 2, 2003

Six Feet Spoiled

Curse you Rachelle for writing about Six Feet Under plot lines on your weblog. =-) Some of us don’t subscribe to HBO and are still waiting for SFU Season 2 on DVD. Brought to you by the partnership for spoiler-free and quasispoiler-free weblogs.

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Rachelle Bowden

uh… um.. so.. .. i guess the rss feed is working ok?

Walt Dickinson

Heh. Yup.

Rachelle Bowden

honestly, though.. there’s no way you can be 2 seasons behind and expect NOT to hear about what’s going on!! :)

Walt Dickinson

Granted. But I was doing fine until last night. =-)

Mark Shewmaker

stay faaaaar away from

Rachelle Bowden

no doubt, i read that article this morning..