March 2, 2003

Whither Art Thou Wiki?

I’m frustrated this evening by the total lack of good Wiki software for the PHP/MySQL platform. A Wiki, for those who don’t know, is a web-based knowledge management system which enables anyone to contribute content (like a forum) without needed to learn a complex markup language plus the built-in ability to cross-reference content through links called WikiWords. It’s hard to really get a sense of what a Wiki is without exploring one. The Wikipedia bills itself as “the free encyclopedia” and it may well be on its way. In a little over two years it’s amassed over 100,000 articles.

Wikis, unlike weblogs or forums aren’t temporal. They’re about knowledge rather than conversation. I’d really like to include one here but there really don’t seem to be any which work with my hosting arrangement. Either they’re coded sloppy and don’t lend themselves to being integrated into the framework of my site or they have some obscure requirement which I can’t meet. Oh well. We’ll get there.

[Also: Since I can’t seem to stop writing How Tos, here’s how to fix Safari’s tabs.]

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Sean Peisert

I thought you got yourself off soda.

Walt Dickinson

I ended my crippling dependence on soda. But I still drink it regularly. I’m just not going through can after can after can like I used to. I try not to keep any in the house. Often these days it just seems too acidy. Or something.

Lynnwood Brown

Although you say you’re looking for a php-based wiki, I encourage you to check out TWiki which is a very well developed Perl-based wiki. There’s also a nice way to integrate blogs and TWiki described here.

There is a php-based wiki-and-more called Tiki you might want to check out.

I really love working with wikis and definitely believe they are the wave of the future. Now if someone were to figure out how to wiki-fy my Mac OS, that would be really sweet!