March 13, 2003

You Never Can Tell

Every so often I come up with some kind of hairbrained scheme. It usually involves going somewhere expensive or starting a project which would take months or years to finish. So a couple of weeks ago as Tabitha and I were getting off BART in North Berkeley…

Tabitha: “I’ve got a week or so off at the end-of-May-beginning-of-June.” Me: [Eyebrows wiggling.] “We should go some place fancy. Maybe Paris?” Fast forward several weeks…

We are going to Paris.

We’re very excited about this. We’ve got tickets. We’re working on hotels. One of us doesn’t have his passport together quite yet, but he’s making progress. I’m still not completely aware that this is really happening. Hoping the bullshit relaxes a bit in the next few months. Very happy to be able to go with Tabitha. More on this as it develops.

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Rachelle Bowden

i’m so jealous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are going to have a great time!

Sean Peisert

Way to support the French position! =)

Sean Peisert

Actually, this sounds great. I had thought of Paris too, but we’re taking a few smaller trips instead. I have friends going to SE Asia & China this year as well. The year of leaving the country??

Clayton Simmons

“Freedom Fries” is going too far. But the issue may go deeper than some think…

Mori Dinauer

I spent two weeks in Paris last year. I loved it. I’d probably live there if it was at all feasible. You’ll have a good time. Try to check out:

*Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore (Across the Siene from Notre Dame) *Musee d’Orsay (Like Impressionism?) *Paris Catacombs (a bit on the macabre side) *Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise (Lots of famous dead people)

I shouldn’t even make a list. Its all worth seeing. Just walk around and take it all in.

Sean Peisert

Left Bank. Jazz clubs…

Rachelle Bowden

Mori’s post confused me for a few seconds because there is a chain of bookstores in NYC called Shakespeare & Co. With very little research on Google I realized that they probably modelled the chain after the store in Paris. The interiors and exteriors look similar.

Derek Gomez

Clayton: how dare you! the French are purely doing this on principle (or should that be, “for the principal”?). ;) Renaming something freedom fries is stupid, yes, but also extremely harmless.

Laura Dickinson

Very nice! What fun to have a special trip in the works. Love, Mom

Jessyca Wallace

So, when I talked to you guys last night I had NOT read this yet…how exciting!! We DEFINITELY should have talked about this last night…

Clayton Simmons

Derek—what do you mean, “for the principle?” The freedom fry thing may be laughable to some but it stokes animosity’s fire in others. Anything in politics that needlessly pits people farther away from each other is harmful…but that may be so just for those who are interested in going somewhere other than around the same old stupid circle of rhetoric. Look, I don’t think I need to make myself any clearer on where I stand with the French position of non-support (both to America and to Turkey), but these tactics only give those who despise America’s arrogance in the international community more to gripe about.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your trip, Walt. I’d love to visit Paris, too.

Derek Gomez

I was joking, mainly. But seriously, it’s not about pitting one against another. Those who start using “freedom fries” in all seriousness likely didn’t need any pitting to begin with. And the rest of us on both sides of the issue are just laughing. Oh and “principal” was play on words (as principal can also mean sum of money).

One tip for Paris travel: pretend you’re Canadian. Works wonders. Paris is beautiful in the late spring (good choice).