April 21, 2003

Film at Eleven

Friday morning the Bay Area Fox channel’s (KTVU) morning news program re-demonstrated the stunning incompetence of local news services with the following (paraphrased) exchanged:

Anchor: “And now over to Bob with traffic.”

Camera switches to the traffic desk. No one is there.

Anchor: “Bob?”

Bob slides into view looking confused and apologetic.

Anchor: “Don’t worry about it Bob, it’s just live television.”

Bob: “Sorry, I wasn’t aware we were coming back to me…”

Then, from offscreen, not through an active microphone but loud enough to be heard, someone on the set yells, “Bullshit!”


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Mori Dinauer

Local news is baffling to me. Every network affiliate has a news program on at the same times each day. Each one broadcasts the same stories (with the exception of worthless human interest stories), often with the same footage. I don’t understand how it can be taken seriously. Call me old-fashioned, but I think news is best absorbed by reading, rather than watching.

Rachelle Bowden

i cant stand the local news.. anywhere!

Sean Peisert

I think that local news is important, it’s just not done right. Someone needs to report on mayorial candidates in Oakland (or whatever) and it isn’t CNN. Relegating it to the newspaper is limiting. What’s the solution?

I don’t personally care for KPBS. When I gave to an NPR station, since I listened not to my local station but to one over the internet, KQED and KPFA, I gave to them instead. KPBS is effectively obsolete. KQED and KPFA could be, too. But they do produce a good show or two. Is it worth it to keep the local station around to get that regional flair? Perhaps not.

I think there may be a happy medium.

And I don’t think it involves traffic and weather every 7 minutes.

Derek Gomez

Perfect local news would be 10-15 minutes long with ONLY local stories and goings-on. Nothing worse than hearing local anchors talk about (inter)national news.

“… and these dissidents will not likely see the light of day, for many. many. many years. down the road. . Tom?”

“Sticky situation, Brenda. Thank you. And now your microclimate forecast for Tierrasanta…”

Walt Dickinson

Television news of any kind is almost totally irrelevant to me these days. I pick through about half a dozen general news websites and who knows how many weblogs and other subject-based news feeds and sites. I listen to some NPR programming. That’s about all I can ingest. Television is interesting only when they have some unique piece of video which isn’t available on the net.

Sean Peisert

It’s all about Food TV. Bam!

Sean Peisert

Oops. Here.

Derek Gomez

Yeah, Iron Chef rules.