April 9, 2003


The old domain name is up for renewal soon. I’ve been thinking about changing the domain, renaming the site, going for something more original. The only other domain I’ve got registered at the moment is WaltDickinson.com which might be a viable alternative. What does everyone think? Has iWalt.com run its course? Is it time for something less Apple-inspired? Suggestions? Alternatives? Thoughts? Thanks.

[Update: The people have spoken. It’s iWalt.com forever! Thanks for the feedback.]

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Mark Shewmaker

waltdickinson is who you will be for the rest of your life.

Sean Peisert

iWalt lives!

Mark Shewmaker

…on the other hand, you’ve developed quite a “brand” with iWalt, so maybe you should continue milking it.

Mark Shewmaker

Maybe you should mutate it into I, Walt.

Kris Rzepkowski


Reed Dickinson

What I’ve read about branding is that it shouldn’t be a literal description of the product or service provided. So “A Bunch of Largely Irrelevant Tricks You Can Do With a Mobile Phone” becomes “mLife”. No one knows what that means until you promote it with your own spin and excitment. Personally, I like iWalt.

Elvin Piring

I have to agree with most of what has already been said. Long live iWalt!!! Keep the brand alive!

Rachelle Bowden

i like iWalt and the “royal we” speak… it just wouldnt be the same with waltdickinson.com. plus, what if you and tabitha get married and you want to take her name? then you’d be screwed.

Clayton Simmons

I vote to keep ‘iwalt.’

Scott Yager

I like iWalt too.

Derek Gomez

I like iWalt too. But I see your point — one day (perhaps now) i[blank] is going to sound like [blank]2K or whatever appendix sounds old these days.

“iWalt” certainly has character in its short brand name, but I can understand the weariness. And there’s nothing wrong with something fresh for freshness’s sake, especially on the web.

Nick Runco

i want walt.homepage again. for novelty.

Mori Dinauer

While the trend of prefixing everything related to a computer or the internet with an ‘i’ at the end of the 90’s was annoying, ‘iWalt’ is succinct, descriptive and stands the test of time. Everyone else got rid of their ‘i-whatever-gizmos’, you should keep yours.


Sam Oh

I’m with the pro-iwalt people.

Jessyca Wallace

You’ve already made up your mind, but just for ha-has, I like iWalt, too. It’s you. It works. Besides, you’re every bit as much in love with Apple as you were when you chose the domain in the first place…I seem to remember something coming out of your mouth along the lines of, “If I could marry my computer, I would.” Tabitha, look out!

Rachelle: Walter Granshaw. Has a nice ring to it, no?