April 4, 2003


Every car alarm in a five mile radius is blaring loudly into the night, the result of one of the loudest thunderclaps I have ever heard in my life. I felt it move through me. And I witnessed it make our little apartment creak. Earlier, the thunder was more distant, but it’s always followed by an increase in the volume of rain. Right now it’s pouring harder than ever. When the thunder was softer, the lightning wasn’t noticeable: … Rummmble. Then I could count the seconds between the light and the sound: Blink!Booom! Now, it’s more like: Flash! POW!!!. Downright scary if you ask me.

[It also seems to have knocked out the DSL. Lovely. This will have to be posted later. It’s currently about 2:15 a.m.]

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Jessyca Wallace

Mitch and are I notedly jealous of the fact that you get thunderstorms (San Diego seems to see about 1 every few years). Do you think they get more thunderstorms in LA than we do down here?

Sean Peisert

Those are shootings on the 405, not thunderstorms.

Laura Dickinson

Weather! We didn’t get anything so exciting up here. Some rain, but at least I don’t have to water today. Love, Mom

Nick Runco

shootings on the 405? do you live in a hole? it’s not like we have to dodge bullets every time we walk outside. plus, who shoots someone on a freeway? please. :)

Scott Yager

When we moved back to California in 1987, I remember there was a rash of freeway shootings. Whether it was actually a rash or the media (and my Mom) blew it out of proportion, I don’t really know. I was only 10.

Clayton Simmons

Weird weather all over, it seems…Here in Provo the wind has been blowing up all sorts of dust, then rain and snow knocked it all down. And it’s supposed to be 70 next week.