April 7, 2003

Moving Day: 2003

As many of you know, Tabitha and I are moving into a new apartment just down the stairs from our old apartment in a little less than a month. The amazingly short distance of this move makes the whole process drastically less daunting than the complicated series of moves which have been performed over the past two years. Nevertheless assistance is always appreciated and if you’d like to come by, carry some knick-knacks down some stairs, enjoy some quality lemonade and snacks, and check out our new place, please let us know by email or the fantastic new (and possibly bug-ridden) contact page.

Also, please make note of the official Moving Day page and check back to get the latest details on the move. Thanks!

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Rob Christensen

With those things runnin’ around, you can count me OUT — err, I mean IN (sorry seen Aliens way too many times).

Nick Runco

i would drive that far for free food. and lemonade. free food and lemonade. yes.

Clayton Simmons

If you’re really short on hands, you might try your local Mormons. ;-) …it’s sort of a long-standing joke among the 20-30 year old men. If they’re not good for anything else, they’re good for moving! (And they do eat a lot, too!)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1501 WALNUT STREET BERKELEY CA 94709 510-848-4912

Walt Dickinson

The Dickinson clan is a force to be reckoned with in and of themselves. =-) Nick if you’re free, do come up. And Rob, you’ll be safe from the Aliens here. (We have sentry guns.)