April 2, 2003

Named After The Dog

We’ve recently integrated the fabulous IndyJunior into the iWalt.com profiles. Now, if you have an account and have shared your profile, you can add a map to display your location. Simply log in and edit your profile. Here’s mine. Enjoy.

(Note: Viewing the map requires you to have the latest version of the Flash plugin installed. The object XHTML code has been treated with the wonderful Flash Satay process to make it as clean as possible. Please let me know if you have trouble viewing the maps.)

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Sean Peisert

… and in even BETTER news, the giants are 2-0 and about ready to go 3-0!

Derek Gomez

Against the Padres, Sean. Come on.

Sean Peisert

I take what I can get. Besides, its meaningful to be able to gloat to the people at work.

Derek Gomez

You’re right though, a sweep’s a sweep.