April 7, 2003


This weekend I: Helped my landlady move into the apartment Tabitha and I are going to move into. Stabbed myself in the left index finger while cutting potatoes. Noticed the air in my tires was low and found a free air pump with a built-in gauge to refill them. Went out to dinner with Tab and her family to celebrate her forthcoming birthday. Washed the tallest stack of dirty plates I have ever seen in my life. Went to see a play in San Francisco. Bought a case of motor oil, a filter, a filter wrench, a pan, and a funnel but was thwarted by not being able to loosen the bolt on the oil tank. Made reservations at a hotel in Paris. Downloaded and enjoyed the third episode of the Animatrix.

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Sean Peisert

Walt, I had the perfect Peris hotel for you all picked out!

Sean Peisert

That would be “Paris” of course.

Walt Dickinson

Hm. Nice pool. Might be a smidge outside of our price range though. =-)

Clayton Simmons

There’s got to be another answer to oil pan drain plugs. They’re either too tight to get off or too stripped to even try. After a couple years of changing my own oil, I have finally succombed to the convenience of Jiffy Lube. =-)

Nick Runco

it’s 15 dollars some places.

Clayton Simmons

I paid $15 for WalMart to do it one time and was pleased. Then I went back to get another one at the same place three months later and they said someone tightened and stripped the drain plug to the point that they couldn’t get it off. After kindly informing them that it was one of their guys that did it, they said, “Well, sorry, we can’t get it off. You’ll have to get it fixed somewhere else.” After a long ordeal of convincing them that it was them that needed to pay for this to be done, I left unimpressed enough to pay an extra ten bucks to have it done right…at Jiffy Lube.

Clayton Simmons

…maybe it’s like buying an Apple $$$. =-)

Walt, I know I’ve been hogging your faq section, but nobody else is asking anything and I’ve got another question.



Walt Dickinson

No problem. =-) Already answered.

As for the oil, I’m going for a kind of deeper functional understanding of the car than anything else. I’ve changed a tire before, I know where the gas goes, but really, that’s about it. And plus, if I can pull off changing my oil, that’s one less opportunity to get screwed by some garage.

Clayton Simmons

“The Lump Law: If we want to learn anything, we mustn’t try to learn everything.”