May 2, 2003

All Growns Up

Art turned 18 yesterday. If he keeps up this rate of aging he’ll be as old as I am in no time. Crazy. Happy birthday Art. (Again.)

[Also: Small tinkerings around the site tonight. Both the weblog and weblog comments RSS feeds have been fixed up a bit. The former now includes the blog’s photo icon widget thing (if there is one) and the latter supports comments from non-registered guests. There’s also a syndication link now below every blog post which will track changes to the posts and comments for that particular post. Very helpful if you want to track a conversation.]

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Rachelle Bowden

walt, the right hand column isnt showing up until below the content of the page now.

Looks fine to me in both Ie 6 and Firebird/Phoenix on Windows XP (yeah i know i hate it as well so send me a mac :P)

Oh and happy birthday Art

Walt Dickinson

Rachelle, I suspect you’re seeing this in Internet Explorer 5 for Mac. My latest CSS doesn’t jive very well with that browser. It’s a known issue but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to fix it.

Stewart Bradford

Quick update to my earlier post (as Stew before i signed up) i see the bar down at the bottom of the content area on the DVD page. but that’s the only page. If you want a screenshot let me know.

Walt Dickinson

Thanks Stew. I’m pretty sure I know why that’s happening. I need to limit the number of characters shown in the DVD single select fields. That’s an easy fix. The one that’s really baking my noodle is why some pages (like the weblog) are off by one pixel for no good reason in IE 5 Mac.

Happy Birthday, Art! I remember when Art was just a little whipper snapper (sp?!).

Stewart Bradford

Looks okay to me for alignment, however my monitor is ancient so you never know :P

you might need to check the padding and margin tags are right… you’ve probabley already done that but it’s an idea.

Out of intrest is your blog system your own one?

Walt Dickinson

I’ve studied it the bug quite a bit and feel pretty certain that IE 5 Mac has two shortcommings. The first is that DIVs do not respect the width they are set to. If you place a 600px image inside a 400px div, most modern browsers will display the image “breaking out” of the DIV (and not affect other objects) while IE 5 Mac will make the DIV itself wide enough to fit the image and screw up the surrounding objects. The second is that text does not wrap properly. When rendering a paragraph of text, most modern browsers will wrap the line when the line extends beyond the width of the enclosing element. IE 5 Mac does this but once in a while it doesn’t wrap when it should and it gets off by a pixel.

I could be wrong about both these things. It could be a bug on my end. But I haven’t been able to narrow it down yet and really, who cares about IE 5 Mac anymore?

Stew: Yeah. The blog and almost everything else on the site (except for things like IndyJunior or the XML-RPC libraries) are hand-rolled.

Happy Birthday Art!

Nick Runco

i have noticed and bitched about both those bugs as well. i don’t think you can toss IE5/Mac quite yet, because as far as i know, it was the default browser on OSX up until Safari showed up. so every X user who doesn’t question the utility of their browser has it, and most likely uses it. unless that was just a comment in frustration, in which case, yeah, man - screw it.

Stewart Bradford

i didnt realise about the DIV thing in modern browsers… I still use tables in my designs… how old school :P

good work on the Blog system, I am using B2 and already hate it but sadly dont have time to code my own so it’ll have to do.