May 29, 2003

Fish Story

Finding Nemo

Tomorrow night Tabitha and I will be Finding Nemo.

[Also: Word has it that there’s a trailer before Nemo for Pixar’s next film, The Incredibles. That makes me think that Pixar is finally getting close to that “new feature film every year” goal of theirs. Very cool.]

[Later: Kottke has more on The Incredibles.]

[Comments: There may be quasi-spoilers in the comments.]

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Sean Peisert

Have fun!! I can’t make it opening night, but hope to see it really soon! BTW — check around. … the AMC on Van Ness might be showing it in digital video, though there might be other places doing it too…

Walt Dickinson

The new AMC in Emeryville has a digital screen but I’m not sure if we’re going to that theater. We had a very narrow window of time and the ticket ordering website doesn’t indicate which theater you’re getting. They should really fix that.

Rachelle Bowden

iWalt readers demand a Finding Nemo review!!!!!!!

Sam Oh

I was going to say the same thing

Walt Dickinson

Heh. I’ll try to do that tonight.

Walt Dickinson

Quasi-spoilers ahead.

Alright here’s my super-quicky review. Finding Nemo is an excellent Pixar offering with great characters and plenty of chuckles. The animation quality continues to improve and impress. Where the film fell short for me was the ending. I’ve been conditioned to expect big, awesome endings to Pixar flicks. From Toy Story’s car chase sequence to Monster Inc.’s door chase sequence, Pixar endings usually leave you dazzled and amazed and Finding Nemo didn’t have that. To be fair, the ending was appropriate to the story and there were some fantastic sequences. It just didn’t end the way I’d hoped it would. The Toy Stories will always be my favorite followed by Monsters. Bugs Life and Nemo will tie for third.

Nick Runco

i think Toy Story is tops, but Nemo is a close second - the story was so great.