May 4, 2003

Jacked Back In

New phone line activation: $33.00. DSL service transfer to another phone line in the same residence: $50.00. Redirection of an existing phone line to an existing phone jack in the same residence: $120.00. Pulling out your monkey wrench and figuring out how to wire your own damn phones: Priceless.

Thanks to for the inspirado and to Bryce and Rob for taking a look at it with me.

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Jessyca Wallace

Color me impressed…did you really do all that yourself for free?! I drew my geekiness line somewhere before messing with the wires in the walls ;-) Or maybe that was my handyman line?

Walt Dickinson

Well I called SBC and Earthlink to find out what it would cost to move the phone and DSL services downstairs. They quoted me all those numbers I mentioned. A couple of semi-helpful customer service people, that website, and a little tinkering was all it took to realize I could do it myself. All I did really was swap the wires that run into our new place with the wires that ran into our old place out at the switch point on the side of the house. So far, so good.

Mori Dinauer

I had to do that once. Upon discovering my phone service had been sent to a different room in the house I was living in, I naturally called the phone company and asked if they would change it. They quoted me some ridiculous $100+ fee to which I responded “hell with that” and went to the basement myself. It actually wasn’t that difficult, just some trial and error, following wires with a flashlight, etc. I got the job done, saved some money, and stuck it to The Man. Mission accomplished.

Hahahah….Walt, that reminds me of when we rewired our place at Annrae St. to get all the phone jacks to work. do you remember how we did that? I was impressed by that.

Scott Yager

So you lie…you had done it before! :)

Walt Dickinson

Who lies on the what now?