July 8, 2003


I’m finished posting our photos from Paris. Sixty in all. That’s about all I’ve been able to focus on recently. Trying to integrate my weblog into Movable Type’s system is more complicated than I originally anticipated. Some third-party plugins are proving useful but at the end of the day, it’s a different system and you can’t have it both ways. I’ll keep tinkering.

Meanwhile I’ve got other projects that need finishing.


Don’t do it man. Don’t go to MT. I like MT and use it myself. But I’ve been trying to teach myself CSS recently to help me create a better site along with MT.

I’ve also used your site to get a few ideas over the past few days. Which is probably why you saw my IP address a lot in your logs a couple of days ago. My site is sadly still a severe work in progress. But hopefully I’ll have it close to done before I have to pick up and move (and won’t have time to tinker with my bugs).

I came across this site a few months ago, and loved how well it’s written. So in addition to the examples given in the two books I’m using, I checked out some of your code. I think you did a much better (and cleaner) job with your CSS. As I said, I do like using MT, but I think it would just make a mess of your style sheets in the end.

Then again, I’m just a sad amatuer. You know a lot better than I. So I guess you know what your getting yourself into.

Walt Dickinson

Hey thanks! CSS and XHTML are vague and imperfect tools for designing semantically rich content. They will drive us all nuts many times over before they’re perfected. And then we’ll have to wait the decade or five before they’re universally supported in every user-agent in the same way.

The nice thing about MT (I think) is that the template system allows you to define the structure markup which means (I think) that I wouldn’t have to alter my CSS much once I’d finished the templates. Where I’m really stuck with the migration are issues like URI consistency, differences with how I handle comments (allowing users to be logged in), and extensions to the weblog format (I have a separate table in the database for the images attached to weblog entries and would like to keep it that way.)

I’ll probably stick with my own thing for the time being but I feel like a big shift is in the wind. I’d rather not have to worry about the content management end of the weblog and focus on other things. Maybe I need to get cracking on my Perl skills. We’re all “sad amatuers” until we’re not.

Rachelle Bowden

erased by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont ask why.