July 25, 2003

Ping Me

Movable Type bloggers can now let iWalt.com know when their site has been updated. We’ve added support for the weblogs.com XML-RPC ping interface. All you have to do is make a simple modification to your Movable Type weblog’s configuration. Just go to the Preferences form and add “http://www.iwalt.com/api/” to the list of sites to notify when the blog is updated. This will send the name and url of your blog to iWalt.com automatically when the blog is updated. I’ll use the data on iWalt to show who’s been blogging recently, possibly in the Profiles section, etc.

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Derek Gomez

I just set up my pinger. BTW, nice new logo…

Walt Dickinson


Rachelle Bowden

there’s more room for you and tabitha to be doing.. stuff… all over the top now.

Derek Gomez

Nice — the pinger and your system seem to be working — based on what I see at iWalt.com: Profiles.

Walt Dickinson

Cool. I’m glad it’s working. Rachelle mentioned that it might be cool to extend it so it would indicate when sites other that the one specified in your profile were updated. So I’m thinking about that as well.