July 25, 2003

Whither Art Thou, iPod?

The power cord which energizes my laptop is starting to fall apart. It has to be placed just so in order to get any juice into the computer. And it’s getting worse. So I’m thinking I’m going to need a new one. But that’s going to run me $80. Now, it occurs to me that the power cable that comes with the iPod will also work with my PowerBook. So since I have to get this thing, do I shell out the $80 for the cable by itself and come away no better than I started out? Or, do I look at it as an opportunity to get an iPod for 25% off?

What would you do?

Update: Nevermind. It’s not compatible. I could have sworn they used to be. Oh well.

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Sean Peisert

Sure it’s the same wattage?

Walt Dickinson

Crap. You’re right.

Brian Poulsen

Walt - I would have thought that as well. On the applestore however, you can buy a seperate powercord for the ipod. It looks just like the powercord for the powerbook. But I guess its different. Too bad you have to spend $80 on a new powercord ;/ It would have been a fair deal if you could have used the iPod powercord.

Sean Peisert

I’m almost positive there are 3rd-party adapters out there. You can probably even get one that plugs into cigarette lighters in cars and the DC power jack on some airplanes to boot. I think the Apple Store has 3-4 of these, but you might look elsewhere, too. Some cheaper; some more expensive…

Nick Runco

buy the iPod anyway.