August 7, 2003


So I tried to sign up for Google’s AdSense program. (Cause all the cool kids are doing it and my goal in life is to riddle this site with advertisements.) But they shot me down. Why, you ask? “Chat sites, personal pages, search engines, sites that contain predominately copyrighted material, and sites that drive traffic through cybersquatting,” are all, apparently, verboten from participating. Now most of these are understandable and I can even see why Google would screen some personal sites. But I can’t help but notice that a number of “personal” sites coughDerek Powazek/cough somehow coughSteven Frank/cough got through. Not that I particularly care. I just wanted to try it out.

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Errr, what’s the AdSense program?

Walt Dickinson

I added a link to the post which should clear things up.

Rachelle Bowden

i don’t see it on steven frank’s site. it probably pays to be (almost) an A List blogger … A Minus List

Walt Dickinson

They’re on the individual entry pages. Here’s the most recent.

Hi there. The site I signed up for AdSense with is, which gets 300-500,000 hits/month. That was approved, and I backed the ads into my blog as well. According to Google’s FAQ, this is permissible, and they will simply turn off ads on any site that they don’t approve of.

I imagine it was DA’s high traffic that got me approved.

Walt Dickinson

Hey Steven, thanks for setting that straight. Digging the SnapClub cameraphone interface btw. Wishing I could try that out too. =-)

Rachelle Bowden

i tried to apply too.. rejected for the same reason :)