August 14, 2003

Blogging By Candlelight

Apparently the power is out in New York city and much of the rest of the north eastern United States and parts of Canada. I hoped to see some local bloggers remarking on the strangeness but then I remembered… all their computers are out. Not to mention many of their ISPs and routers I would imagine. Weird, wild stuff.

Elsewhere: BoingBoing, MetaFilter, CamWorld, Fireland, Kottke, Grant Barrett, Paul Ford, Amy Langfield, Gothamist, Mark Shewmaker, Rachelle Bowden, Zeldman.

Reuters: “New York Major Michael Bloomberg said it was likely a natural occurrence.” Translation: This is part of our regularly scheduled “scare the shit out of everyone” program. Please resist the urge to loot for as long as possible.

Moblogs rise to the occasion and fill the void.

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Nick Runco

and their cell-phone towers. and their subways… they are pretty much screwed.

Daniel McCoy

Too bad for them, a similar thing almost happened in Sacramento a few days ago. Fortunately it was not nearly as serious.

Scott Yager

Not in Massachusetts, luckily.

I’m OK and finally back home in NJ. Haven’t heard anything from Rachelle, though.

Walt Dickinson

Good to hear. Anybody heard from Rachelle recently?

Rachelle Bowden

im here.. im ok. sorry. nick was the only one in my entire list of people in my cell phone that i was able to get in touch with yesterday before my battery died. phones werent working at all!!!! my internet connection just came up a little bit ago.. didnt get power til about 2:30 pm and then was afraid to use it. here’s my experience. so tired. going to bed now.