August 20, 2003

Going Strong

Tabitha and I.

It just doesn’t feel like four years. =-)

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Brian Poulsen

Congrats walt :)

Stewart Bradford

congratualtions and celebrations!

/me hands over a bottle of champagne

Walt: Smootch! I love you

Everyone else: Thanks for the congrats!

Rachelle Bowden

congrats, walt & tabitha!

first comes love, then comes ………….

Nick Runco

you have to go starting problems in a happy space, don’t you rachelle. ahem.

i raise the proverbial glass in your honor, friends.

Sean Peisert

Congratulations, Walt and Tabitha!

Rachelle Bowden

um. well. youknowme.

Derek Gomez

Are those new glasses, Walt?

Have a fun anniversary. :)

Laura Dickinson

Dear Walt and Tabitha, Love and congratulations and happy songs to you both. Mom

Reed Dickinson

Congratulations to a terrific couple!!

Sam Oh

yeah Congratulations guys

Justin Magers

Congratulations Walt and Tabitha!

PS - that link to the old Macintosh brochure sure was nostalgic :)

Jessyca Wallace

For lack of anything clever—Congratulations, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple of people! And many more.

Walt Dickinson

Wow! So many congratulations. Thanks to all. =-)