August 9, 2003

Tahoe Dialup

We’re in Tahoe this weekend for a microvacation with the family. So naturally I brought the computer and plugged it into the nearest phone jack I could find. Switching down to dialup speed connections is always so painful. It’s important to remember that tons of people still connect to the internet this way. Especially when you’re creating really heavy websites with unnecessarily huge images and bloated messy code. Not, you specifically of course. But any of us who do this thing.

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Sam Oh

What’s “dialup”? hehe

Sean Peisert

Two words: “Directional antenna.”

Walt Dickinson

To point towards potential WiFi sources? Leeching off people’s unsecured networks always feel sketchy to me.

Sean Peisert

Who’s to say they didn’t intend it as a public access point? It is unsecured, after all.

Walt Dickinson

True. I wish there were a way for the source to indicate whether they intended to leave it open for other people. Like a “feel free to leech” switch.

Nick Runco

i think someone leeches of our connection. our airport is always going nuts. it’s cool with me until our conneciton gets slow…

Jessyca Wallace

I leeched off my Mom’s neighbor’s connection this weekend. Hadn’t intended to but her DSL wasn’t working and the wireless connection symbol kept blinking at me, as if to say, “Please use me. Please?” So I did. I hope he didn’t notice too much.

Stewart Bradford

my Wireless network’s partly open…

anyone can use the net access (although they are limited to a certain speed which varies depending on the number of folk using the public speed - total of 128k is avalible to them, i have an extra 512k jsut for me)

but the rest of the network (shares and stuff) is secure (all attempts for access go through a windows 2000 box and it asks for a password everytime someone tries to use a share.

So if your ever in Troon, Scotland and need to check your email… have fun :D

Walt Dickinson

That’s really cool, to be able to make your network partially open, to control the bandwidth, etc. Very smart.