August 7, 2003

The Safari Sidebar

Safari, with a sidebar.

Safari needs a sidebar. I was really getting into the usefulness of script-driven sidebars in Mozilla and Internet Explorer before Camino and Safari took over (thank goodness) and (unfortunately) did away with the sidebar. I’m really hoping that a sidebar implementation finds its way into a not-too-distant future version of Safari.

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Derek Gomez

As widescreens become more prevalent, people will demand them. Us 4:3 screen users can find them somewhat hogging though, open all the time, I mean… And what use are they closed? Good idea though…

Been on Safari since 1.0 by default and haven’t missed much except easy bookmark importing.

Mark Nichols

I agree that a sidebar is needed. I’ve been using Safari since January and I still am getting used to the way the bookmark view overlays the current page.

I have learned to put my frequently visited sites in folders on the bookmark bar, and to open these folders in tabs, which greatly improved my surfing experience. But I would still like to see a list of bookmarks in a sidebar from time to time.

Nick Runco

wouldn’t it be simple to add the standard window tray?

Walt Dickinson

You mean a drawer? Drawers suck. There’s nothing I enjoy more than telling my Mail or Transmit windows to maximize and discovering that the drawers haven’t been taken into account when calculating the width of the window, thus making them completely inaccessible. And why add a drawer to the interface when you’ve already got the Bookmark view model which serves its purpose perfectly?

Nick Runco

i was referring to ease of implementation, adn how they really haveno excuse not to, not the best way to execute it. i will refrain from interface comments henceforth.

Walt Dickinson

Sorry, did I put the kibosh on your suggestion too harshly? You interface comments are always appreciated.