August 15, 2003


In our apartment, in the bathroom, in a brown paper bag, way in the back, is a cat named Velvet. She is covered in black fur, green-eyed, an industrial-strength purr machine, and scared out of her mind. If you reach into her hide-out she won’t scratch but she will go completely limp. Once you get her on to your lap all the fear vanishes and the purring and frantic stretching take over. She likes hiding in her bag, timidly taking tiny steps into the hallway, and curling up in the bathroom sink.

We’re fostering Velvet which means she’s on loan from Berkeley Animal Services while the summer kitten frenzy is underway. Fostering cats during said frenzy helps keep the cages from getting overpopulated which in turn means less cats have to be put down. Tabitha’s been volunteering at the shelter so she’s got the inside track on the most friendly fuzzballs for fostering.

P.S. I’m convinced that this cat is equipped with a cloaking device.


… any chance we’ll see a photo (that is, if you can catch Velvet :) ?

Rachelle Bowden

When I was in Berkeley a few years ago, attending a Macromedia conference in SF, a woman I worked with who was along on the trip was doing some sort of Masters paper on progressive animal rescue organizations so we toured SFSPCA. It’s a good thing you’re doing :) I can’t have a pet here so to get my doggy time I walk dogs at the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Center, which is a no-kill shelter. Has Velvet chilled out yet?

Scott Yager

Our cats like to curl up in the bathroom sink too. Particularly if it has just been used.

Walt Dickinson

We’re working on photos and the cat is definitely getting used to the apartment and us. She’s given up on the sink and settled on a comfy living room chair as her new favorite place.