September 16, 2003


Nick writes in to ask how almost 12 hours could have passed since their announcement without my blogging about the fantastic new PowerBook G4s. The answer: The caffeine hasn’t hit my bloodstream yet. However, I do have a 20 ounce Coke on my desk at the moment so my brain should begin spinning shortly.

In the meantime I may need to find out what people are willing to pay for a 500 MHz PowerBook G4 in excellent condition with zero dead pixels, AirPort, extra RAM, and Jaguar installed.

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Daniel McCoy

I would pay you all the money that I have in my wallet right now, however I doubt you would sell it for $5.07.

Walt Dickinson

Hehe… you’re right. That does seem a tad low.

Brian Poulsen

Walt - Here’s a couple of pointers:

check out what a powerbook with the same/or close to specs as your powerbook, which is the same condition and age etc. Compare that to the price of a new Powerbook - the cheapest version (less ram/HD/mhz etc) and put a pricetag on you powerbook that makes it tempting to buy yours instead of a new one.

I sold mine and got less than half the original price for it. We’re talking danish currency here:

25.000 was the price when I bought it, I got 11.000 for it. It was about 1 and a half years old, great condition etc. etc. The thing is, a new powerbook - slowest version is at 18.000. Had I placed mine at lets say 13.000 or 14.000, people would think, hey it’s only 4 or 5000 more, and I’m sure they’d go for a new one. I probably could have gotten 12k for it, but I needed to get rid of it in a hurry, so I could pay for the Canon EOS 300d (Canon Digital Rebel). Damn I can’ wait to get that camera… Next Friday baby !!! :)

Nick Runco

generally PowerBooks hold their value pretty well. Especially with eBay buyers. I sold a G3/300 for $335. i suspect you can get a pretty good amount.

Nick Runco

quickly checking it out - i would say about $900.

Rachelle Bowden

i like nick’s price quote better than walt’s