September 6, 2003

G5s and Minor Traffic Violations

I got my grubby hands on a PowerMac G5 for the first time on Friday at the CompUSA across from work. It was nice but it was the low-end model and only had 256 MB of RAM. Not exactly fully loaded. Still, any G5 hooked up to a HD Cinema Display and Bose speakers doesn’t fail to impress. Steven Frank is right though, the plasticy Cinema Displays don’t go with the all-metal G5. Now if only I could figure out how to conceal one in my pants and slip out quietly, I’ll be set. =-)

Also, thanks to Rob and Irene for having us over last night. I started to take a wrong turn on our way back to the highway, realized if I kept going we’d be headed the wrong way, reversed until we were facing the right way again (since no one was around), was getting close to the correct on ramp, and was promptly pulled over for the little stunt. I was let off with a warning and a head full of adrenaline.

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Jessyca Wallace


Brian Poulsen

Ugh - I can’t beat that. Though - within the first 6 months of having my drivers license, I was pulled over 5 times.. FIVE! !! For no real reason. I’ve never gotten a ticket or anything. Strange.

Patrick Runco

MY Cinema Display isn’t plasticky. It’s a little translucent god.

Nick Runco

as a person who has watched someone else get a cinema display and the death of his beloved G4: eat me.

Walt Dickinson

The G4 died?

Nick Runco

death. it is being resurrected by the little men at the Apple Store. it needed a new logic board. i have been without machine for a week. my brain is shriveling.

Rachelle Bowden

i don’t think my cinema display is plasticky either.. but maybe.. i havent seen it for SO LONG! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!