September 25, 2003

Hours, Not Days

A scant (scant I tell you!) 22 or so hours remain in the PowerBook auction. We’ve still just got the one bid but I’ve talked with some interested parties off-auction who may be waiting until the last minute to bid. So we’ll see what happens there.

Working with eBay for the first time has been an interesting learning experience. Keeping track of the auction, making as many payment methods available as possible, learning about reputation building, responding to parties who make requests over email, it’s all very time consuming.

But fun in a way.

[Update: We’re up to four bids. Nick is now offering his services as a financial advisor.]

[Status: With less than 15 min we’re now at 7 bids! =-)]

[Sold: For $1050.00. Hooray!]

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Daniel McCoy

Make sure to change your login password every 30 days. My account was recently taken over by someone, and it was a pain to get straightened out.

Nick Runco

i am sticking with my estimate! watch the last hour - i maintain that the cost will rise!

Nick Runco

who predicted it. nick. that’s right. i did. my predictions are coming true, slowly, but ever so surely - asserting my accuracy a mere 15 minutes before the bidding war began. i should been a financial analyst.

Nick Runco

it could even surpass my estimates.

Sean Peisert

$915 with a little over 3 hours to go, Walt!

Brian Poulsen

56 minutes and still $915

Reed Dickinson

34 minutes … 4 digits

Nick Runco

amirightoramiright? oramiright?

wait for that last minute flurry. $35 more bucks.

Nick Runco

god. i. am. good.

does anyone know warren buffett personally? indirectly? ‘cause when you see him, tell him something for me. tell him Runco’s Coming. he’ll know.

Rachelle Bowden

if i could just sacrifice my rent for one month i could have bought it.. exactly the same price! :)

runco better be ready to wear suits everyday if he wants to be in finance. bleh! been there, done that, not doing it again!