September 26, 2003

In With The New

The new 15-inch aluminum PowerBook G4.

On order: The new 15-inch aluminum PowerBook G4. 1.25GHz G4, 80GB HD, 1GB RAM, 1280x854 pixels, Mobility Radeon 9600, SuperDrive, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, AirPort Extreme, modem, magical glow-in-the-dark keyboard…

All-in-all a very nice (and particularly irresistible) upgrade. <ferris>If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.</ferris>

You can, of course, get all the details here.

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Brian Poulsen

Nice. Are you happy with what you got for your old powerbook?

Walt Dickinson

Very happy. And I think the buyer’s getting a good deal too.

Scott Yager

I want one. Maybe when I pay off my credit cards…

I just got one of these myself. It’s on the desk beside me here at work, but I can’t play with it until I get home. Finding it hard to, um…concentrate.

Walt Dickinson

Nice! I’ve got about a week until mine is supposed to arrive.

Brian Poulsen

Totally unrelated - has posted that the Canon EOS 300d is now shipping .. Can’t wait til monday ..

and yes Walt - indeed the buyer is getting a great deal.

I’m actually kinda surprised. I’ve played with these, and while they’re glitzy and glamorous, I just don’t find them appealing as a ‘bread and butter’ machine. If I were a creative director showing important clients designs of weird and wonderful things, yeah.. I’d get one. But for day to day work, no thanks! I guess that’s more against the Mac, than the design of the Powerbook though.. or perhaps it’s just the inner capitalist screaming at the high price tag!

Daniel Muniz

You should know, with Apple, ?bread and butter? comes with style. This computer could tear up your ?bread and butter? tasks. And tell your inner capitalist to look beyond the initial cash payment (e.g., repairs, opportunity cost of having to stare at a big ugly machine everyday, etc.). Also, regarding cost, style, usability etc.:,2125,60559,00.html Good luck to you sir!

Daniel McCoy

All I can say is that I am very jealuos, even though I just got a new XP beast two days ago.