September 23, 2003

Now Hear This

I now have in my possession all 927 pages of Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver. Thanks to Dad for making the trip over to Borders with me at lunch. Tabitha and I may or may not be trying to get it signed on Thursday night in Berkeley.

Of course, thanks are also owed to Ryan for turning me on to Stephenson in the first place with Snow Crash back in 1996.

[Related: BoingBoing is reporting that there’s a Quicksilver wiki devoted to exploring the concepts of the new novel.]

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Sean Peisert

Well, please let me know if it’s worth $20 for the hardcover! I will probably be waiting…. :-)

Sean Peisert
Rachelle Bowden

the line on slate that made me laugh:

It’ll have to compete with The Lord of the Rings, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, and Douglas Hofstadter’s G?del, Escher, Bach for oversize shelf space in young scientists’ libraries, but the Baroque Cycle has the potential to be the next literary Nerdapalooza.”

Nerdapalooza. heh! i saw a guy in the deli carrying the book today.. it’s huge. it must be good if he’s willing to lug it around on his commute.

Walt Dickinson

It is a pain to lug around. But it’s Stephenson so it’s worth it. The guy in front of me on the ride home last night was reading Cryptonomicon.

Sean Peisert

Ok, ok, I just ran to Costco and bought it for $15.99….