September 19, 2003

Out With The Old

Buy my PowerBook. =-) It’s the auction event of the century!

It’s also my first attempt at selling anything through eBay so feedback is appreciated. No bids yet, but we’re hopeful. I think it’s a really good deal.

[Update: Rob IMs to report that we’ve got a bid! Yay!]

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Sam Oh

Well there seem to be a bid now. how much were you thinking about selling it for anyway

Brian Poulsen

Walt - I asume you’re selling to buy the new powerbook? Which one do you plan to buy? The cheapest of the 15” ?

Nick Runco

you are gonna get soo much more than that, too. you watch. you might get a couple of bids in these first 6 days, but the last hour, it will go through the roof. people will eSnipe it. my prediction: $975

Sean Peisert

From MacMinute: “We would like to see our market share grow,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs told The Independent last week at Apple Expo in Paris. “Our strategy is to innovate. We are the innovator of the industry. Most of our competitors try to copy us. Our strategy has worked really well for us.”

Comparison to The Ultimate Driving Machine: “If you went to BMW and asked them why they don’t outsell the Ford Taurus, they would say they don’t want to make that sort of car. Apple has 25 million customers around the world, and our goal is to give them the best personal computer that we can, with the best operating system and some of the best applications.”

Walt Dickinson

Sam: I dunno. Just going to see where it goes. Brian: More on that soon. Nick: Well, that would be nice. I’m just glad there’s a bid. Sean: Nice. =-)

Hardly the auction event of the century with only ONE bid. ;-)

Walt Dickinson

Ouch baby… very ouch.

Sean Peisert

Does anyone know if the new wireless keyboard & mouse have problems initiating single-user mode, open firmware, firewire disk mode, etc…, etc… — on boot?

Walt Dickinson

Good question. Does Apple’s support site have a technical note about those devices yet?

Sean Peisert

I poked around last night, but couldn’t find any tech notes yet…

Sean Peisert

Ah. and Ah.