September 30, 2003


The exchange with the eBay buyer went very smoothly. I left him a favorable feedback message. Tabitha agrees that the TiBook went to a good home. Sniff!

The new PowerBook is apparently overdue at the reseller. I’m trying to ignore my fears of dead pixels, bad latches, and other birth defects and be patient.

My auction and resulting sale have apparently has inspired Nick’s friend Nico to sell his PowerBook as well.

Last weekend was a busy one. I crossed nine Bay Area bridges and momentarily found myself in Santa Rosa, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Mill Valley, San Francisco, and finally home again in Berkeley. Next weekend I intend to go nowhere.

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Santa Rosa! My town! What did ya think and why in god’s name did you have to do somuch traveling. I feel fo ya.

Rachelle Bowden

is the wine included in nico’s auction? :)

Walt Dickinson

Danimal: I like Santa Rosa quite a bit. I spent more than 12 years growing up there. =-) As for the traveling, I had a lot of errands to run and people to visit. It was a great weekend but I’m glad they aren’t all as travel-packed.

Rachelle: You wish. =-)

Nick Runco

i don’t think so.

i should mention a big thanks to walt for helping me rush from Berkeley to Palo Alto sunday morning. i was pretty much responsible for half his driving. otherwise, i would have missed my flight. very much appreciated.

Nine bridges? That’s got to be some kind of record.

Sean Peisert

You should be saving your pennies for new wheels.