September 25, 2003

ü Reloaded

The all new überdesign is looking good. Very good. Glad to see it return.

[Elsewhere: Tabitha launches a website for our landlady’s business. Mark has to use Windows, says Earthlink is capping his bandwidth, and shares some IA justification soundbites. Rachelle stirs up some shit about the new and I mistakenly accuse a reputable blogger of putting the smack down. Sam redesigns for those of us using standards compliant browsers. Brian is Jack’s complete lack of patience. And Rob returns to the blogosphere.]

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Nick Runco

way to start trouble. my favorite was derek’s response, though.

also: the uberdesign link is dead.

Walt Dickinson

Way to check my links. =-) All fixed. Thanks.

Rachelle Bowden

i wasnt even trying to stir shit up.. i just wanted to know if there was a reason for the switch! thanks for getting my back, though.

Brian Poulsen

Damn, I’m having this weird feeling inside. HOPEFULLY I’ll get the camera tomorrow, but I have this idea that I don’t. The store said 26th of September, and that is 25 days ago. A lot can happen in 25 days. As mentioned in my post, the store said 26th as late as monday.

Everybody … cross your fingers for me will ya? !!!

Walt Dickinson

Stores always lie to me. I think they enjoy it. My fingers are crossed for you.

Sam Oh

woo hoo I got mentioned :)… sorry its the little things in life that I live for