September 19, 2003

Zeldman Shoutout

This humble weblog was mentioned today on Zeldman’s Daily Report and added to his classy list of Externals. The bowing and chanting “Wayne’s World”-style will commence shortly. If you’re just visiting for the first time, welcome!

Thanks to Rachelle for pointing the post out to me. And thanks to Nick for pointing it out to Rachelle.

“We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

[Update: There have been over 375 hits from Zeldman’s link so far today.]

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Nick Runco

maybe he can pry you into working for apple’s internal web team. delicious.

Walt Dickinson

Anything’s possible. =-)

Patrick Runco

…and thanks to Patrick for getting Nick’s ass up and out of his nice warm bed at 9:30 AM by telling him that Walt was on the front page of Zeldman…:)

Reed Dickinson

Well of course you’re worthy. Congratulations!

Patrick Runco

I mean, “Avast,” and then that thing that I said.

Walt Dickinson

Hehe… Yes, thank you to you as well Patrick. Arrg! =-)

Jessyca Wallace

You rock!

Brian Poulsen

Walt - First - now which is even bigger.. What’s next? walt on the moon? ;)

Congrats dude.

Nick Runco

i like his description of the site. “crisp, clean blog…”

Getting the nod from Zeldman is great for your ego, recognition and traffic. Lot’s of new regulars and you’re now stuck with us! ;)

Rachelle Bowden

I’ve noticed more referral hits from than normal.. the new readers are filtering through.. welcome :)