October 10, 2003


Tabitha’s an efficient job seeker. In tough market, she strengthened her skills, applied, interviewed, got an offer, and accepted. All in record time. She’s very excited to be starting work soon. All the best wishes on her new career.

On a completely unrelated note I am loving the new computer and happily scored a very reasonably priced “Up-To-Date” upgrade to Mac OS X Panther. Yum.

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Sean Peisert

Oh sure — don’t tell us the where/what part of where she accepted the job. See if we care.

Brian Poulsen

Sean - good point ;)

With much anticipation and fear I am taking the plunge into the apple world. I’m purchasing a G4 12” 1ghz powerbook as my first foray into Mac.

I’ve used Linux for the past 5 years or so and am just looking for a change of pace from Windows.

Damn you iwalt, you have contaminated my mind. But how is the game performance? I want this portable to do my graphics/web work on and also game every now and then. I know this thing won’t play the next Doom or anything but how about Unreal 2003? Quake 3? Have you tried this out?

It strikes me as ironic Apple picks top of the line hardware but chooses one of the slowest hard drives in existance (4200 rpm? gah, thats like putting a civic engine in a ferrari) I guess beefing up the ram is the only way to minimally counter this issue, but you still probably get extreme thrashing from the drive when it runs out of physical memory. Whats your experience? Are the hard drive seek times really that long?

Okay, wrote my novel, I’m sure Rob is gonna kick my ass about this but any answers would be appreciated :).

Sean Peisert

I don’t have a big problem with the Apple hard drive. It’s fast enough to record at least 3 tracks of audio. Probably many more; I just haven’t tried it yet. I suspect it’s a power/battery and noise issue as to why they aren’t as fast as the drives in the G5.

Walt Dickinson

All I can tell you is that I’ve tried the Unreal Tournament 2003 Tech Demo and WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos and found them both to be immensely playable. (Although I have not found the time to play either at any great length these past few days.) I am really impressed with the graphics card in the new machine which is leaps and bounds ahead of the one in the old PowerBook. Bear in mind however that the 12-inchers have the NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 32MB card whereas the 15-inchers have the ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 64MB card so your mileage may vary.

Hard drive seek times are not a big factor for me. I’ve never noted any annoyable amount of lag. Again, the hard drive in the 15-inchers is faster, 5400-rpm. As for running out of physical memory, I’ve noticed I usually run with about 70-80% free with normal use (out of a 1GB total). No idea about how much is used when the games are running.

Finally, if you really want to see how they handle, check out an Apple Store and see if they have any demos installed on the in-store models. Might help you gauge the real-world playability.

Congrats Tabitha!!!

Tabitha Granshaw

Rob: Thanks! Sean and Brain: I will be working in South SF for a company called Biocompare. =)

Nick Runco

tabitha: did you ever figure out the commute situation to that job?

Congrats on the new job! Biocompare is lucky to have you.

Tabitha Granshaw

I did figure out the commute - there’s a shuttle that runs between the BART station and my work. It is going to be a rather long commute, but at least it will be by public transportation so I can read and avoid rush hour traffic. =)