October 18, 2003

Neo ex Matrix


There is a building.
Inside this building there is a level.
Where several elevators can go.
And many stairs can reach.

This level is filled with doors.
These doors lead to many theaters.
Excellent theaters.
But one door is special…

One door leads to the IMAX theater.

If you’re interested in trying to see Revolutions in IMAX on opening day at the Metreon, please let me know. I’m trying to get a sense of how many tickets I should be buying when they become available.

[Update: My good friend Newton from the Lowes Metreon ticket counter informs me that IMAX tickets may may go on sale tonight (23 Oct) at 5pm.]


Rachelle Bowden

maybe if i lived closer to the Metreon

Walt Dickinson

Yeah. Work on that.

I think Bryce might be down and I’m just hoping to get a sense of whether I should be getting a few tickets or a bunch.

Jessyca Wallace

What’s the date? Maybe I’ll show up :-)

Walt Dickinson

The 5th of November. The first showing will probably be late the night before. Hard to know exactly when until the tickets go on sale.

Duuuuuuuuuddddeeeeeeeeeeeee (thats me saying yes)

Nani Dickinson

I wanna go!!! A couple of my friends wanna come too!! I’ll give you a call and talk to you about it!