October 22, 2003

Panther and iBook G4s

My copy of Panther has shipped! Whoo-hoo! I’ve been in a weird state of operating system purgatory with the new machine. Too busy not to install and configure everything, too near the 10.3 release date to take the time to set everything up properly.

Also, these damn iBook G4s are making me think we’ll see PowerBook G5s at Macworld SF 2004. Grrr.

[Update: Okay, my copy of Mac OS X 10.3 left Rancho Cordova (88.6 miles from my house), traveled to Oakland (5.3 miles from my house), then went to Memphis (2085.3 miles from my house), and who knows where next. =-)]

[Arrived: Well it came back from Memphis (maybe it’s an Elvis fan?) and arrived this afternoon after briefly stopping over in Oakland and Emeryville. Unfortunately, now I’m in Santa Rosa and thus in no way able to upgrade. Soon though.]

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Sean Peisert

Damn! Mine has not…. Ah, I should just install the latest beta.

Mark Shewmaker

am installing as we speak.

Walt Dickinson

I expect high resolution screenshots of everyone’s shiny new operating systems. =-)

Egor Kloos

G5 powerbook would be cool. Or hot, depending on how you look at it. But I’ll be getting my hands on Panther anyway. Sounds to good to have to wait for until I get a computer. Desktop or Powerbook… hmm I’m still debating that one.

Mark Shewmaker

My observations (based upon 2 hours of use): - Visual design is getting better in some places, worse in others. For example, some of the new icons are very nice, while finder labels are cheapened by the use of a gradient. Same for the overdesigned selected icon state. - Finder toolbar search mostly works well. Occasional glitches. - Performance is obviously better. Finder much more responsive. - I’ll need to train myself to use Expose. Keep forgetting it’s there. More soon.

Rachelle Bowden

wonder if it will make it in time to be a birthday gift!

Mark Shewmaker
  • Enabling the gestures option in expose is a must. The feature makes much more sense when you do.
  • Finder sidebar becomes more and more useful every time I access it
  • Fast user switching is neat visually, but what does it offer to a couple who already “play nice” within the same user account?
Sean Peisert

Got it!!!! Installing now…

Got it this afternoon, I’m not super familiar with mac osx (just got my powerbook a week ago) but it seems solid so far. I really, really like the window management control in expose. Was sorely missing that from Windows when I switched :)


Sean Peisert

Photos from Night of the Panther that someone took at the new UTC store. (I was there, but didn’t have my digital camera). Hundreds of people. Free t-shirts and OS X dog tags. And some little discounts. Fun event!

Mark Shewmaker

…still waiting for Walt’s euphoric “I’ve installed Panther and it’s super-keen” post…..

Walt Dickinson

Indeed I have and it is. Post to follow.

hey, just so you know, the reason your OS went to memphis is because FedEx’s air shipping hub is located there. i know because i work for ups. =)