October 28, 2003

The Obligatory Panther Rave

Mac OS X 10.3 Panther

Yes I know it’s shocking to hear but just deal with it: I love Mac OS X 10.3. Yes I’m a big geek. Yes I think the little UI refinements are nifty. Yeah Safari 1.1 is the best web browser ever developed on any platform. No I don’t mind the metallic Finder or any of the other metal-skinned apps. Yup Mail is better than ever. Yes Exposé rules (especially when it’s assigned to a spare mouse button). And yes I’m more glad than ever that I don’t have to use Windows.

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George Penston

I totally agree on all points. I’m loving the threaded view in Mail now which is funny because I never liked it in any other mail application (Entourage, Outlook on Windows). Did you notice that the new save dialogs allow you to click on an existing file and have that name populate the save filename field? A la Windows. Pretty nifty. Desktop printers are back. See if you can find them. XBench reported a 10+ increase on my 12” PowerBook after the upgrade. Friends of mine say Font Book is a joke but they may be expecting to much for the first release and all. Otherwise, I agree wholeheartedly. The word that comes to mind is simply refined.

Sean Peisert

I love the ‘tab’ key in Expose.

Mark Shewmaker

I agree. Fontbook is not ready for professional use.

Nick Runco

FontBook is quite a disappointment. I wold think it would handle files like iTunes handles music. Perhaps auto sort, but allow for some sort of organization rather than dump all of your individual font files in to the Fonts folder.

I know, it’s new. But i was really hoping that I could live without Suitcase.