November 12, 2003

A Humble Request

Movable Type comes preconfigured (I think) to require an email address when a comment is posted. That’s all fine. I don’t mind giving my email address to the owner of the site I’m commenting on. Unfortunately, MT is also preconfigured to display the address I gave alongside my comment. That’s not cool. Now spiders will harvest these sites and spam me. So, I humbly ask that my Movable Typing friends edit their templates and rebuild their archives. Or at least provide a warning so I don’t make the mistake of commenting on their site. Thanks.


John Smith

Why not just create a Yahoo! email account with the sole purpose of using only for internet registrations and so forth? You could set up spam filters and once a week go through it to see if there was any relevent emails.

Rachelle Bowden

or just use a fake email address

Walt Dickinson

John: Because I don’t want to spend time sifting through another email address.

Rachelle: Because that would be lying and if the blogger did want to contact me for some reason they wouldn’t be able to.

Brian Poulsen

Walt - If I remember correctly, it’s configured so it needs an emailadress. If both email address and URL is typed, only the URL is shown?

Anyways, on my photoblog which is powered by movable type, I disabled the required email, and configured so it would not show the mailadress no matter what. I think this combo should be the default.

Walt Dickinson

Right on Brian. Like I say I don’t mind being required to share my email address with the blogger I’m commenting with. I think it’s fair to require that piece of info. But Movable Type’s default display of that email address if a URL isn’t provided isn’t cool. Just my opinion.