November 6, 2003

Let me tell you what I believe.

The Matrix trilogy. Is the best. Action/sci-fi movie franchise. That has ever been. Or will ever be.

Revolutions ends big. Exhaustingly big. So big you expect it might collapse in on itself thus creating a singularity of action movie goodness which sucks lesser movies into its gravitational well of kick-assedness. Really, very, big and exhausting and good. I can understand why people don’t like the Matrix. I love the Matrix. I hope they make more. A lot more. I will cough up the $15-plus it costs to see them in IMAX. I will stand in line for three hours to get the best seats in the theater. I will permit them to abuse my senses with their delightful brand of belief-suspending, sensory-overloading, gratuitous over-the-top action. And when they’re finished I’ll beg for more.

Let the flaming commence. Try to keep spoilers out of the comments please.

[Elsewhere: Nick had the opposite experience but agrees that Hugo Weaving had his act together, Kottke kicks off another marathon comment thread, and waferbaby is surprised to find that he enjoyed the film.]

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Mark Shewmaker

Haven’t seen a single installment. There goes my geek cred.

Thomas Mertz

I am stunned. As you are Walt. The movie is great. Revolutions ties the world together. It is beautiful.

Sadly we don’t get the IMAX version in Denmark, but I’m pretty sure that if we did I’d put myself in for sensory overload!

Reed Dickinson

Okay Walt. I’m finally convinced I must drag my geezer self into the 21st century and see this series (but I won’t wait in line 3 hours).

I like it where we find out Morpheus is not only Neo’s father, but Trinity’s, that little annoying kid’s, AND the architect’s right hand man. It was totally shocking, in the end when they finally realize they are trapped in a gigantic snow globe I was applauding as hard as I could.

I believe, that was the best ending of all time (the snow globe one).

I saw the movie last night. One of my friends commented: his name shouldn’t have been Neo, it should have been Nortin (Antivirus). I thought that was humorous.

Walt Dickinson

Mark: You gotta at least see the first one. When’s your damn birthday?

Thomas: Glad to hear you liked it. We are part of a tiny minority.

Dad: It’s good stuff. I’ll bring up the first two sometime. =-)

Chris: I think the snow globe is actually another Matrix! Gasp!

Flash: Indeed.