December 4, 2003

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Twin Hill Ranch

Much thanks to the families for the super-relaxing four-day weekend in Santa Rosa. Extra thanks to Mom for orchestrating yet another amazing feast. I walked around the lake, watched a disgusting amount of television, ate way too much food, and dragged as many people as possible to the apple bread place. Thanks to Bryce for the guitar lessons. Thanks to Dad for the movie and for torturing me with those facts about the car. Thanks to Art and Nani for playing Mario Kart with me. Thanks to the Granshaws for having me over for dinner and, of course, thanks to Tabitha.

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Reed Dickinson

A great time was had by all! The car - it’s like a computer on wheels - Link

Walt Dickinson

My favorite part is the “Start” button. (As opposed to handling antiquated “keys”.) If I can hack the car to play an Apple startup chime when I press the start button I’ll be completely sold. =-)