December 22, 2003


Earthquake damage.

Nice, slow, rolling earthquake just now. It will probably show up in my quake feed shortly. Holy cow, it was a 6.4. Here’s the report. Here’s a thought for later. It would be interesting to tie together data from the USGS,, and to get a list of recently updated weblogs near the epicenter of a major earthquake. News of the quake is beginning to trickle in. (Hm, the quake feed is mangled. Fixed now.) The inevitable MetaFilter thread has begun. There have been a slew of big aftershocks today. Sadly, it sounds like there were two or three fatalities in today’s quake. Very sad.

[This post was updated at irregular intervals throughout the day. Michael Mariant took the photo above for the AP.]

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Very bizarre, here in Santa Monica… I was sitting at my desk and felt myself getting dizzy. I thought it was just a bout of nausea, until several of my co-workers said the same thing.

Walt Dickinson

=-) Thanks Andy! Anyone else feel it?

Sean Peisert

Huh! I hadn’t heard of anyone feeling it as far south as LA or as far north as SF. None of my family in Marin felt it (and I didn’t feel it in Tahoe…)