December 17, 2003

The War of the Ring

The One Ring

Once again I passed on over-geeking for The Lord of the Rings and spent last night at home rather than in line at the Metreon. However, the lovely Tabitha and I will be on hand to witness the 3.5 hour Return of the King on Saturday night at the more reasonable hour of 7 o’clock. I must say it’s nice to be looking forward to seeing a movie that the rest of the world probably won’t hate.

Now, for some collateral geekery. Dave Brasgalla (of the IconFactory) has been firing on all cylinders with great Tolkien knick-knacks recently. First, the ring icon featured here is part of World of Aqua 4. Also, recent Quick Pix have featured LotR-related icons. Even iPulse has some Palantir-like jackets. And finally, Dave’s personal site (Pixelhaus) features a beautiful digital transcription of Tolkien’s original Middle-Earth map.

P.S. The Matrix rules.

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Rachelle Bowden

when was loading and i saw a big photo of a beautiful golden ring .. do you know what my first thought was? well, it wasnt LOTR..

Walt Dickinson

I wonder how many people walk around with Elvish writing on their rings…

Reed Dickinson

Someone should remind Rachelle that Santa’s checking who’s naughty and who’s nice.

Rachelle Bowden

ahem.. so.. uh.. anyway… :)

i’ll be seeing LOTR:ROTK on Sunday night with my brother in WI if we can sneak off from a family holiday party.. it worked last year for LOTR:The Two Towers so I’m hoping it will work this year too.

Nick Runco

this thread makes me uncomfortable.

Walt Dickinson

It’s all Rachelle’s fault. =-)

Rachelle Bowden

i think i predicted it right here.. about 2 weeks ago!

Nick Runco

now this thread makes sense from rachelle’s standpoint.