December 8, 2003


Our winter tree.

We have a tree full of little white lights.

Just west of 580 there are at least three different lots selling trees of various sizes and types. We wandered around one for a few minutes before heading to another where we discovered a wider selection with cheaper prices. We grabbed a little 5 foot Grand Fir and some tree longevity juice, bought it, had the bottom inch sawed off, and stuffed it into the trunk of the car.

Getting it set up was surprisingly easy except for one of the screws in the base which simply refuses to turn unless finger-bruising force is applied. Hopefully three screws will suffice. We threw some lights on it, watered it, and stuck it in the corner of the back room. Now we just need some presents to stick under it and we’ll have a proper holiday vibe happening.

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Rachelle Bowden

how are the cat and the tree getting along? i once got a tree when i had 2 cats and they tore it down.. i got so mad i just grabbed the tree with all of the ornaments still on it and shoved it in the closet & shut the door! of course that was when i had a full time job, a part time job and was going to school part time so i didnt really have time to discipline the cats around the tree..

Walt Dickinson

The cat and the tree are doing alright so far. She is interested in the tree because it creates a new place for her to hide and because it provides another source of water she’d like to try and drink. So we have to keep an eye on her when she strays over toward that side of the room. Fortunately that whole room is generally off-limits to the cat unless we’re in there with her and when we are she tends to stick close to us.