January 2, 2004

I asked.

I asked.

She said yes. =-) We’re getting married.

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Right on! Have you set a date yet?

Walt Dickinson

Nope. There are many many details to be worked out. =-)

What’s wrong with this picture? I just woke up, and you haven’t gone to bed yet? Walt, get some sleep! You have new responsibilites to consider!

Nick Runco

so what does my timestamp say about me? more on topic, reading the word “married” is still giving me the willies.

i am quite happy for you both.

Stewart Bradford

congratulations :)

Rachelle Bowden

i guess mark was right! and i guess i don’t have to bug you and make uncomfortable comments any more!!! congrats!

Michel Christensen

Congratulations to both of you.

Congratulations, Walt! I feel very happy for you …

Sean Peisert

Holy Mother of God! Congratulations, Walt & Tabitha, that’s fantastic news!!!

Incidentally, did you ask in Muir Woods or something, or what’s the picture about? :-)

A very joyous and wonderful way to begin the New Year. Congratulations to the both of you! :)

Walt & Tabitha, Congratulations on such great & wonderful news! (what a way to ring in the New Year! :) ). -Irene

Sam Oh

Wow.. Congrate you guys..

Brian Poulsen

Congrats Walt. Best of whishes for the future… And ohh… Happy New year as well :)

Clayton Simmons

Congratulations, Walt!

Walt Dickinson

Mark: I was up until 4 a.m. Pacifc on the 1st. I’m easing back into going to bed at a normal hour. =-)

Sean: I think we were technically on Mount Tamalpais but I’m not sure what district managed the land that particular trail we were on. Yes, that photo was taken near where the asking happened. =-)

Everyone: Thank you. We really appreciate all the kind words.

Mori Dinauer

I know it’s been said, but…


and the best…

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments

Wonderful won news. So much happiness. Thank you both for coming up to share your joyful news. We are delighted for you and are celebrating your plans.

Sean Peisert

So if you look real close in the iWalt.com banner now, is there an engagement ring on Tabitha’s finger? Or are you slacking?

Walt Dickinson

I think that kind of sub pixel colorization goes beyond the limits of my meger drawing skills.