February 11, 2004

Country Roads

In May of 2001 I flew to Providence, Road Island to meet up with Bryce and drive back across the country with him. I brought my PowerBook with me (naturally) as well as a QuickCam Pro USB webcam (never buy anything from Logitech) and on the drive west we recorded a fair amount of really low-quality digital video. This video sat on my hard drive for a while, then was dumped onto CDs, then buried in the closet and trucked from San Diego to San Francisco to Berkeley during my many moves. Recently (once I got the new laptop) I started reorganizing some of my old files and came across the video again. When iMovie 4 came out I dropped the clips into a project, and one night not too long ago I spent an hour and a half clipping and juggling the shots and arranging them with a bit of music and some titles. So without any further ado…

Video: Country Roads

A couple of notes: You’ll need to have QuickTime 6 installed because the video format is MPEG-4. The song is Me First and the Gimme Gimmes’ cover of John Denver’s “Country Roads”. The lines at the end are tough to read at web resolutions, I know.

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Mark Nichols

Okay, so now I have to go buy an iSight so I can play with video too. Very nicely done. Especially the post credits ‘blooper.’

Kris Rzepkowski

bad ass! can’t imagine how much footage you had to cut down. i like your filter usage. somehow I haven’t used some of those doing my mundane little baby videos ;)

Pretty incredible what you can do with a webcam, a little imagination, and the right music.

Sick job, man, sick.

Rachelle Bowden

the after the credits clip is brilliant

Walt Dickinson

Mark: iMovie 4 is great because it lets you stream video directly from your iSight to your clips tray. I haven’t had an opportunity to try it yet though.

Kris: Here’s the shocking truth. I didn’t cut hardly any video (just little bits) and pretty much every shot we took is in the movie, just all sped way up. Also, there’s no filters. The effects are just the QuickCam software trying to compensate for light levels on the fly.

Joel: Thanks!

Rachelle: Bryce says I have to use that clip to end all my films from now on. I think he might be right. =-)