February 18, 2004


A magnitude 4.4 earthquake centered 27 miles north of Santa Rosa occurred about 5 minutes ago. We felt it. Did you?

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Reed Dickinson

I didn’t feel it. Hope it’s not a preshock

Walt Dickinson

Here’s some interesting statistics on where it was felt.

Reed Dickinson

Interesting, fewest reports in Santa Rosa in our zip code. Is the ground more stable or are the people less observant?

I’m on the other side of the ocean. Now ask me again :-)

Walt Dickinson

I’ll take that as a “no” then. =-)

Ha, you guessed right :-)

By the way, I noticed this: “66 days until Tabitha and I are married.” Oddly enough it’s about 70 days until Anneloes and I are married. May 14th, to be exactly. (Congratulations to you two)