March 2004

March 29, 2004

Just What The Internet Needs

The rotisserie chicken cat.

Another picture of my cat. (We call this “rotisserie chicken mode”.)

March 26, 2004

Powered Up

The weblog is now powered by Movable Type. I’ve been thinking about making the switch for quite a while now and this seemed like as good a time as any.

Now you may have noticed that the images, comments, trackbacks, and various other hoo-ha has disappeared. It will all be back, and better than ever, sometime in the not too distant future. We’re also rolling out a new permalink URI scheme but the old format should redirect without a hitch.

A lot has changed, and there will be things to iron out, feel free to let me know if anything broken or missing is particularly bothering you. Thanks.

[Update: The images have been reinserted, the older timestamps are fixed, and a couple of other bugs have been smooshed.]

March 15, 2004

iPhoto Meltdown

My iPhoto database is corrupt. When I run iPhoto it crashes instantly and I’ve had no luck getting it to launch without losing all my database info such as film rolls and image rotation and so forth. Further, I haven’t been able to find anyone who’s had similar problems and been able to fix it. So frustrating.

[Update: I gave up trying to figure out which file was to blame for my shredded iPhoto library and have started to rebuild. I’m happy to see that there’s an iPhoto update available now which may prevent issues like the one I had.]

[ reader Mike Maskalans writes: “I had the exact same problem with iPhoto, under the same circumstances as your issue. I’m working with a small iPhoto library right now, thankfully. My testing indicates that deleting Thumb*.data files will likely bring iPhoto back to life. I also had already trashed the cache and prefs out of ~/Library, and haven’t bothered trying to restore them. It doesn’t seem that these Thumb files store anything useful: comments remain, rolls remain, albums remain.”]

March 15, 2004

SXSW04: Monday

Woke up and spent way too long trying to get checked out of the hotel. Never staying there again. Crashed the Hi-Fi CSS Design panel late and had to sit on the floor but it was good to listen to. Now we’re at Blogging Next listening to Anil Dash, Justin Hall, and Danah Boyd. Next: food.

We actually wound up at the Bloggies where Rachelle had agreed to accept some awards for Gothamist and Satan’s Laundromat if they should win. They didn’t, but we did get to see a bunch of people win and accept including Anil for Movable Type and Cory for Boing Boing (x3!). It was a short and sweet awards ceremony with a good sense of humor about itself. As it should be. Then there was food and one more opportunity to get online before heading back to the airport and our respective corners of the country.

Rachelle is blogging this whole trip as well and doing an infinitely better job than I am at taking photos. Check it out.

March 14, 2004

SXSW04: Day 2

The SXSWi 2004 Logo

10:00 a.m.: At the Revolutionary Search Technologies panel, Don Turnbull has just announced that we can plug in our laptops with out fear of financial reprisal. Viva la revolucion!

Marissa Mayer’s presentation was a pretty simple overview of Google’s products and services. One quote (paraphrasing), “We see search becoming as intelligent as the HAL 9000, but without killing people.” Nice.

I’ve bailed over to Technology and City Guides panel, mainly to meet Kevin and try to think about what should be done with Friscosity.

In short, I’m glad we’re not trying to be a city guide with Friscosity. I’m glad that it’s small, and overlooked, and has time to grow and evolve and be irrelevant for a while.

11:30 a.m.: We’re at the Moblog Nation panel now. Moblogging (for those who don’t know) tends to be posting photos and text from cellphones. The panel has set up a communal moblog for SXSW which has already aggregated some great experiences from around Austin.

A handful of other moblogging sites mentioned thus far: Kokochi, Hiptop Nation, WINKsite.

I’d love to see an app that tracks recently updated moblogs organized by physical location. A live listing of hot posts in the San Francisco area for example would be terribly interesting. You can get the temporal data from technologies like syndication or ping services. And ICBM data would support the location aspect. Sort of a World As A Blog-style model.

12:45 p.m.: Lunch across the street at the Hyatt. Took way too long. Good tortilla soup.

2:00 p.m.: We’re now watching today’s keynote with’s Zack Exley and Eli Pariser. They’ve covered how they got started, how they enable people to get connected and organized, and what they’re doing to bring people into the political process. They also let the organizer of VoterVirgin up to do a one-minute keynote on her organization. Good stuff.

3:15 p.m.: Waiting for the WikiWhat panel to get started. Ruby is discussing the Atom wiki, there’s a lot of disucssion on the markup language obstacle, not a lot of vision as to how wikis will become valuable in a mainstream sense. (Much later: Ruby proposes working on an import/export protocol for Wikis.)

5:00 p.m.: Finally, we hung out for the Replacing Billboard, Bestseller Lists and Editors With Robots panel and listened to Bausch, Marlow, and Benson speak about their various projects and the challenges of aggregating and making sense of peoples’ shared interests. Once again I can’t help but think that tagging blogs and posts with GPS-style data would be immensely fascinating.

Evening: Back to the hotel room where instead of preparing for another night out on the town I promptly passed out in a heap and slept for a good 12+ hours. =-)

March 13, 2004


SXSW 2004

We’re in Austin for South by Southwest 2004.

My flight was great, unlike many of the other attendees from the Bay Area. I had a smooth ride to SFO on BART, an easy time getting through security, the flights departed and arrived on time, and I even caught the $.50 city bus to downtown Austin at the perfect moment. We went out after I checked in to the hotel (we’re not very impressed with the Crowne Plaza) to check-in to the conference, eat, and listen to some live music. The photo above is of a band called Household Names who played a great set at The Capital.

This morning we made it over to Kick for about a game and a half (go Team One!) before going to breakfast and over to the conference center. We caught Craig Newmark’s craigslist presentation. Craig takes Not Being Evil very seriously, and it was interesting to hear him expound on all the work he does behind the scenes to keep craigslist a thriving and valuable community. We hit up the Interactive Party in the evening but aside from ogling some of frog design’s work, it was kind of a bust.

Elsewhere: Joi Ito (we got told to unplug or we’d be fined, buncha jerks), Sam Ruby (meets Dave Shea (who provides hour-by-hour updates)), Matt Haughey (thank goodness I didn’t fly United), Anil Dash (Tabitha was just telling me a version of this joke the other day).

Tomorrow: So much more.

March 13, 2004

Six Apart

On Thursday I accepted an offer to work for Six Apart, makers of the Movable Type and TypePad publishing tools. While it’s difficult (in some ways) to move on from a 3.5 year gig, it’s a fantastic opportunity and I’m thrilled (thrilled I tell you) to be a part of what they’re doing. I’ll officially be starting in a few weeks. =-)

March 7, 2004

Now Playing

Synergy, a $5 menu app and preference pane for remotely controlling iTunes via the keyboard, displaying current track information and much more, has just released version 1.0a7 which features a new menu icon and control buttons by yours truly. That is all.

March 4, 2004

On This Day: 2004 Edition

A San Francisco diner.

Last year, on this day, I wrote a little four year summary of March 4ths past. It was also around the time I added the “On This Day” item to the sidebar. To continue the tradition, here’s a snapshot of my life these days. I’m living, with my girlfriend-turned-fiancée, downstairs from our old tiny apartment in a huge apartment that floods slightly in heavy rains. I commute daily to San Francisco for work and weekly to Santa Rosa to see the family. Still fairly busy with various projects, planning the wedding, and generally trying to keep things in order. The cat which Tabitha brought home to live with us is the sweetest damn creature in the world (save Tabitha herself). I fear the coming allergy season but am generally looking forward to the rest of the year.

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